Travel Pass for small groups
Travel Pass for small groups

Congress with less than 1,000 delegates and participants

It is not possible to get the Travel Pass in a digital version for smaller groups (minimum 25 participants) . We offer the opportunity to order Travel Pass in plastic for your delegates and participants by filling out this Travel Pass Plastic – Booking Form.


What is a plastic Travel Pass?

A Travel Pass in plastic is a ticket that provides the user access to public transportation for a minimum of 48 hours.


How to order a plastic Travel Pass?

The organizer of the congress or event orders and buys the Travel Pass at Movia. Please order the Travel Passes at least 6 weeks in advance, and please note that they need to be paid 1 week before the event.


Is it possible to place a logo on the plastic Travel Pass?

No, but it is possible to print the name of the congress or event on the Travel Pass (max. 17 characters).


Can unused Travel Passes be returned?

Yes, Travel Passes that are not used can be returned to Movia by paying a minor fee. This is only applicable when the order is less than 1,000 passes.


Is there a limit to how many days the Travel Pass can include?

No, as a starting point, the plastic Travel Pass can include as many days as necessary for the congress or event.



The price will vary depending on the number of zones when you by less than 1,000 plastic Travel Passes. The price per Travel Pass is from DKK 36,00 (2 travel zones) to DKK 126,00 (all travel zones) per 24 hours. If you buy more than 1,000 passes then the price will be DKK 36,00 for all zones.

2 zones 3 zones 4 zones 5 zones 6 zones 1-99 zones
36 DKK/day 54 DKK/day 72 DKK/day 90 DKK/day 108 DKK/day 126 DKK/day


Example on a plastic Travel Pass

 The front of DOT's plastic Travel Pass for small congresses and conferences The back of DOT's plastic Travel Pass for small congresses and conferences

The Travel Pass is first valid for travel, when the user has signed the back of the Travel Pass. 


Order your plastic Travel Pass here:

Travel Pass Plastic – Booking Form